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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 9, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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♪ >> an amazing display as russia rolls out the red carpet showing off some of its newest hardware celebrating victory day. a live report from moscow is ahead. the baltimore cops accused in the death of freddie gray toward their attention toward marilyn mosbey.
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their push for her to get off the case before it's even started. >> a big deal of change returns david cameron and his return to 10 downing street. we look at some of what lies a head for the prime minister. i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we start this hour in moscow where russian military might is on display for the country's victory day parade. victory day celebrates the soviet union's defeat of nazi germany during the last battle of world war ii. it came at a heavy price. one quarter of the soviet union's population died during world war ii. 26 million causalities. and you get a sense of the magnitude of the russian losses.
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matthew chance is live in moscow covering the day's events. matthew, good day to you. certainly this on display for the world but if you could explain the significance of what it means for people there. >> reporter: well, george, it's highly cig asignificant for peon russia. you mentioned the sacrifice this country paid. something in the region of 26 million people died fighting the nazis here. it's a conflict that's very very vivid for people here. it touched almost every family in the entire country and even today, 70 years on, really the focus of the year for many people in this country. the main day of national celebration of national pride. you can see the powerful display of strength that is on parade behind me as well. i know you're getting those
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images of red square. we're just outside of red square as some of these military vehicles pass through. it's not just a day of pride. it's an opportunity for russia to show it's strength. to show that it will never be subject to an invasion like it was in the second world war like nazi germany. that's very important for many russians to see. it's a source of great national pride. what we wonlt be seeing here is any kind of western leaders that have mainly decided to snub this event over russia's involvement in ukraine. it's allegedly backing the pro-russian rebels in ukraine and because of that, the president of the united states and most european union leaders as well decided to stay away. that's not been the attitude of other leaders in the world, though. the chinese president, he's here standing next to vladimir putin in red square. so is the indian president. so i think, you know, it's very
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symbolic this day. it's meant to be a commemoration of the alliance that defeated nazi germany 70 years ago but in the context of the politics today it's very symbolic of the gap, of the distance between russia and the west. matthew, you're putting it into perspective for what's happening now but talk to us also about the history. the simple fact that they're still finding soldiers that were killed -- who were found where they were killed on the ground. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. according to the russian defense ministry there are still as many as 4 million russian soldiers or soviet soldiers still unaccounted for. they have been designated as missing in action but a couple of weeks ago or a week ago i was near the city of st. petersburg and markets there and there's so many volunteer groups around western russia that simply scour the former battlefields looking
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for human remains and finding them really by the hour. you can wade through the mud in the forests where some of the bloodiest battles took place of the 2nd world war. tens of thousands of soviet troops losing their lives there and pick bones out of the ground. the bodies were often just left where they fell and that's something that still hasn't been resolved, even 70 years on. take a look at this equipment here. this is why these parades are so controversial. russia uses them as an opportunity to show it's strength. what we're seeing there are russia's latest generation of interc intercontinental ballistic missiles. it is something that is unique to this country and at a time when there's so much allegations
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of its military action taking place elsewhere in europe and in ukraine for instance, it's because of that that it was deemed inappropriate by many western governments, for their leaders not to attend. >> a country with the largest nuclear stock pile in the world. what's the time line of events? we're seeing this armored equipment roll through the streets of moscow. what do you understand will come next in this parade? >> well, the formal celebrations are pretty short. they're 90 minutes long. it's already been going on for an hour or so. we have about half an hour left. there were a lot of invited dignitaries inside red square. we have dramatic pictures provided by russian state television of the actual parade and dignitaries there. we've already seen not just russian army but chinese army and indian army personnel also parading as well but in about half an hour or so this formal
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parade will come to an end and there will be a air show as well but after that it's up to the ordinary people of russia to celebrate as best they see fit. >> matthew chance watching victory day celebrations. thank you so much. let's take a close look here at some of the images coming out of moscow right now. again, a great number of military personnel and equipment parading through the streets of moscow and let's listen as we see this event taking place. ♪ [ speaking foreign language ]
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looking at military planes and helicopters celebrating victory day remembering may 8th, 1945, the defeat of nazi germany. the parade features 16,000 soldiers, 200 armored vehicles and 150 planes and helicopters. it could be the last major anniversary of the conflict where a sizable number of veterans are still alive to celebrate this event. let's bring in a senior research fellow of russian services at the royal united services
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institute. while we're speaking to you we're looking at the live images coming from moscow and it's quite a show of force and pride for russians. talk to us about the significance of this moment. >> that's the first time when the russian leadership shows the world the russian army. so that's the first time when the new prototypes for the newest weapon systems are on display which is very good. which is very interesting to see these tank which is potentially will finally close the gap, generational gap between them. it is very good. it's interesting. there are still some difficulties with these tanks because it is still prototypes. these are not real tanks. they're trial vehicles to be
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tested and improved and put into mass production but it's impressive design. and it's the first tank in the world which is completely separated from ammunition and provides unique degree of protection for the crew. might be very powerful which is interesting, which shows that russian designers still can produce something really, really impressive. so that is why it is good. and well, potentially that might be, the russian leadership might be less concerned about it's security so it might lead to more balance to russian policy. >> certainly sending the message, don't mess with us, you could say. certainly a show of might from russia but there's a lot of context behind this show of force. let's first talk about the history. the simple fact of what this means defeating nazi germany. >> well, it was very
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controversial victory. first of all, because people that fought during that war, many of them still remember that actually, since 1939, soviet army and nazi army fought together. so it was very very controversial to fight against your previous ally. the famous event which was the symbol of soviet resistance against germans, it is a very controversial exam because two years before that, it was joint nazi-soviet troops. so it was very very difficult. but in 1942 when the russian people had chance to see these german occupiers on their own
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territory, the controversial war became the real people's war. it was exetential war. it became the liberation of the nation and source of great pride and huge tragedy because more than 27 million of the soviet population, one-eighth of the whole soviet union population was lost in that war. it was terrible. >> as we see these images, again, at the same time there's a message that many western leaders are not attend cing whi is part of an on going political standoff with russia. victory day does continue there in moscow. thank you for taking time with us by phone. >> you're welcome.
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>> one invited guest that did not attend this event is north korea's leader kim jong un. today he is praising a military success of his own. the test firing of an underwater b ballistic missile. calling it the time bomb on the backs of our enemies. details about when or where this launch occurred are unclear at this point. we learned this time of fiery rhetoric, we heard it many times from the supreme leader before. especially after successful military tests. for more on this let's turn to kathy novak live in seoul, south korea. tell us more about this test and what it could mean. >> well, george these photos released by official state run media appear to show the north korean leader watching a successful test of a missile that was launched from the water into the air. he called it a miraculous
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achievement and as you say the reports were accompanied by that familiar rhetoric, kim jong un warning his enemies would not be able to sleep at night. all we have to go by are these photos. we expect experts and officials to try to confirm the authenticity of the pictures. we did reach out to the south korean government. no word yet but you ask me what it could mean. we do know that north korea has been wanting to develop this kind of technology for sometime and if these photos are authentic it would be an advance in their military capabilities and that is something that could cause concern for other countries in the region and others that north korea considers it's enemy. of course the united states they refer to there and that's because this capability is more difficult to detect and intercept and it would seem to
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suggest that north korea has made advances in that area. >> if you could just elaborate a bit on that. so for countries like south korea, japan, or the united states, what would this successful test firing mean? would it mean simply that, you know, the boarders, the coastlines of these countries are in danger? >> well, you must remember of course that south and north korea remain technically at war and such little information that we're able to authenticate is coming out of north korea. so it's very difficult to know what their capabilities might really be. one reason that north korea may be wanting to develop this kind of technology is as a deturrent. they truly believe there's a threat of invasion from south korea or the united states. they want this in terms of a
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military to show it's enemies it's able to carry out these successful tests and they should be wary if they would intend to attack it in anyway. >> kathy, thank you for your reporting. all u.s. military bases are stepping up their security levels over terrorism concerns. specifically from isis. this comes after information ability a u.s. military officer was tweeted out by an isis sympathizer that was recently involved in a shooting with another man at a texas cartoon contest. jim has details. >> reporter: the u.s. military is raising the security level at every base across the country as concerns grow over the threat from isis. it was a shooting in texas on sunday that prompted the increased security members. the military says the step is not tied to a specific credible threat saying we have the same concern about the potential threat posed by violent home
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grown extremists. the security level has now increased to bravo. a ranking signifying an increased threat of terrorism. they have not been at this level since the 10th anniversary of 9/11. >> not only do you have to secure the access to the bases, but you have to ramp up security on the post itself. this is going to be a big operation for the security forces of all of the services. >> the texas shooting is highlighting the threat from isis supporters hiding within the united states. >> groups are now calling publicly for attacks in the west of people they have never recruited. they have never trained. they have never even met. someone could decide on their own to answer that call with little or no notice. u.s. authorities are investigating hundreds of people in the u.s. that have some social media link to isis. a challenge for law enforcement
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to keep tabs on. >> it's how the internet has been used for several years in recruitment and radicalization of young people to join terrorist groups. >> u.s. military installations have been at this new threat level only a handful of times. twice in 2003. again after the bin laden raid in 2011 and then on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks but civilian targets were also put at a higher threat level. it's particular to military installations around the country. the military concerned about isis encouraging it's supporters here. the military taking this very seriously. cnn, washington. in the united kingdom, conservatives claim a commanding win and major opposition party leaders re-sign. still ahead here on cnn newsroom, a closer look and analysis of how this election unfolded. >> plus the latest in the
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victory day. that victory in world war ii. more than 26 million people from the ussr were killed in that war. this is expected to be the last major celebration where world war ii veterans will be able to take part. british prime minister david cameron went right to work forming a new government after the conservatives resounding election win. the conservatives will govern alone after five years in a coalition through a slend erma joirty. as the dust settled friday three opposition party leaders re-signed including ed miliband and liberal democrat.
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a lot of people believe profoundly in public service have seen that service cut short. ed miliband range me this morning to wish me luck with the new government. it was a gesture from someone clearly in public service for all the right reasons. >> millions in britain cast their votes with a turn out of about 66%. with all the results in the conservative party claimed an out right majority in parliament with 331 seats. let's bring in robin oakley for analysis on this election. robin, good day to you. you have part of the country essentially supporting austerity and another part, the more liberal block that feels quite the opposite. how does the prime minister united this country? >> yes, he has a huge balancing problem, george, has david cameron.
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the scottish nationalists, they're a party well to the left of any of the others in british politics at the moment. they are entirely anti the austerity program. they have 56 of the 59 seats in scotland. they say they'll make sure that austerity is the issue. but what can they actually do because david cameron has an overall majority in the parliament and it's difficult to see what the scottish nationals can achieve which is only going to raise further fears of pressure for another referendum on scottish independence north of the border. and david cameron has another kind of balancing problem. having had this victory now governing on his own without liberal democrats, he's going to face pressure from a lot of the right wingers in his own party who will say okay now we got rid of the liberal democrats. there's nothing to stop us. we can go back and wind back the size of the state, take britain out of europe.
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issues like that. now david cameron is a middle of the road conservative. what they call a one nation conservative and he won't really want to go down that route but the rebels will have much greater force because with the liberal democrats that were in the coalition with david cameron gone, he is going to be dependent on their votes and they can put pressure on him, george. >> it will be interesting to see his balancing act in this. what about the referendum on the european union that's slated for no earlier than 2017 but could come early. but could it come earlier is the question and what repercussions will that have? >> i don't think it will come early but it's going to be the biggest issue that the outside world will be watching britain for. david cameron promised it by the end of 2017. in the meantime he pledged negotiations with the european union and other 27 countries to get changes to make it work more
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the way britain likes. why the others should help him is less clear. the president of the european commission has congratulated mr. cameron on his victory and said he will work with him but he can't be terribly well inclined because david cameron was the one european leader that worked against the election and the choice of mr. yonker as president of the commission. he starts with a bit of a disadvantage there and the other problem for david cameron is those tory rebels in his own party are going to push him for high stakes in the battles with europe. if he can't achieve what he set out to achieve, he might even be forced to recommend a no vote. and certainly if britain does come out of the european union, if it hasn't happened before then the scottish nationalists will press for and get another referendum on scotland's inclusion within the united kingdom because they are all for scotland staying in the european union whether the rest of britain does or not, george.
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>> you touch on this and certainly during the election the s&p did not make a big deal on that push for independence but you do suspect that it will come. how quickly do you think that would happen? >> well, he said it wasn't on the agenda for this election. it could come though within two or three years if the scottish nationalists find constant frustration and find they can do nothing in terms of battling the austerity program in britain as the cameron government tries to eradicate that government deficit by 2018 and there again there's stiff choices for mr. cameron. the torys were saying before the election they needed 12 billion pounds worth of cuts in the welfare benefits but they wouldn't specify where those were going to come. now he's going to spell out where that money is coming from and also in the course of the election campaign in a pitch to improve tory chances, mr. cameron pledged another 8
1:29 am
billion pounds, uncosted for the national health service. that money has to be found as well. so very tough decisions ahead for his chancellor, chief finance minister george osbourne who is probably going to be the man to do those negotiations with europe at the same time, george. >> it sounds quite a bit like a balancing act, indeed. we appreciate your insights here. thank you so much. live in london. a quick break next but first another look at russia's victory day parade. we'll be right back in a moment. ♪
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live pictures from moscow russia at this hour as the country celebrates victory day. we understand this is a solemn moment here at the tomb of the unknown. 26 million soldiers and civilians died in this war. ♪
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world leaders from china to venezuela, the president there beside vladimir putin as they take a very somber moment to remember fallen soldiers in victory day. it marks the 70th anniversary of the allied victory in nazi germany in world war ii. it showed off the newest artillery as well. 16,000 troops are taking part. today's parade featured 16,000 soldiers. 200 armored vehicles and 150 planes and helicopters. i'm joined now on the phone. he is a russian defense analyst and expert on weaponry. thank you for taking time with us. i want to go back to the images we have seen coming out of moscow today and it is quite a display of power and force.
1:37 am
what message are they sending to the world? >> well, primarily that russia is back with great military power and it's a sign of -- defined at the western attempts to russia is strong and has powerful friends and during parades, putin is side by side with the chinese leader. they were actually most of the time talking through interpreter and commenting apparently over the soldiers and equipment and everything. >> and we saw some of the leaders that were there with the russian president from china to venezuela but again it is notable that there are many
1:38 am
western leaders that are not attending. what does that mean to every day russians there? >> well, that is very much discussed in the russian press and that means that the west is trying to kind of -- at least the official propaganda says that's proof that the west is trying to steal russian victory and undermine russian greatness and we will be strong anyway. >> i want to talk about -- i'm sorry. i want to talk also about some of the things that we're seeing on the ground. can you talk to us about some of the new equipment that's being rolled out? >> well, right now russia is in the midst of a massive program up through the year 2020 or further on and there was new
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hardware and the most we talked about was the new main battle tank. of course this is still kind of a prototype, mass production will maybe begin in a couple of years or later but of course tanks and important tanks are kind of sexy. they're a symbol of the russian military for many years since the world war maybe even before that. so yes this tank and other pieces of armor, of that, will aparentedly be produced or replace old soviet equipment. >> and russia has been diverting more money toward it's military in recent years. talk to us about that. >> it's very massive program when it was announced in dollar terms it was about $80 billion.
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of course it's closer to 500 billion. it's a lot of money and the expenditure continues despite economic woes and the fall in the price of oil. >> we appreciate your insight as we look at these live images coming out of russia. again moscow this hour just before noon and this is the victory day parade. you'll remember that 26 million civilians and military personnel were killed in this victory over nazi germany and today we have many leaders around the world attending this event but keep in mind there are many western leaders that are not attending but this parade goes on and it's the pride of russians as they watch this continue on the streets of moscow.
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the bodies of seven people killed in a helicopter crash in northern pakistan are now in islamabad. they arrived at a military base in the country's capital. the plane crashed friday in the northern part of that country. two ambassadors are among the dead. michelle stockton has the details. >> pakistan is observing a day of mourning following the cash of a helicopter carrying a group of diplomats. the wives of ambassadors and three crew members. the boisd dies of the deceased transported and senior officials accompanied them back to their countries of origin. those injured will also be returned to their home countries. the pakistani military denies a claim of responsibility for the crash. in a statement the pakistani
1:42 am
taliban said they downed the aircraft with a surface to air missile. however at the time of the crash the prime minister was not part of the convoy. he was due to join the diplomats later on in the day at a hotel as part of the trip itinerary. this is a diplomatic disaster for pakistan. it was supposed to be one of good will to promote tourism and show off one of pakistan's crown jewels. instead it was marred with tragedy at a time they're struggling to rehabilitate their image on the international stage. >> up next, a severe weather system in the united states is bringing damaging storms. the news continues. next.
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well, another day and another round of severe weather across the central united
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states. our meteorologist is at the international weather center following the details. >> yeah, george, the central plains made center stage once again across the united states show casing images just like this. this is a hailstone about 4 inches in diameter. this particular viewer held that hailstone in her hand. you can imagine how heavy that is. you need an extremely intense super cell thunderstorm with an intense up drafted to create a hailstone of this size. this is the scene out of the oklahoma region yesterday. wow, this is impressive. this is called a shelf cloud. it's seen along the leading edge of an approaching line of severe thunderstorms. it's accompanied by gusty winds and intense rain fall. just an idea of how it forms. the cooler downdraft created by the intense rainfall of a thunderstorm starts to spread out at the earth's surface. lifting the warm air ahead of
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the rolling mass of clouds. you see these features again often in advance of an approaching thunderstorm. this is the set up going forward. we have another round of severe weather. so the central plains taking sen center stage once again. this time from oklahoma to nebraska and parts of kansas. we have a cold core upper level disturbance over the western half of the united states. that's going to interact with what is warm unstable golf moisture. that's streamsing in from the south. it's going to allow for under 20 million americans under some slight or enhanced risk of severe weather. even a moderate risk of severe weather expected across parts of kansas and into the extreme northern sections of oklahoma and the national weather service and storm prediction center highlights this particular area for the high potential of severe weather this saturday. so that's an area we're going to pay particular attention to for long trek. very dangerous and the
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possibility of lethal tornadoes. you can see some of our high resolution computer radar imagery show casing a flare-up of thunderstorms across that area. it's not all doom and gloom. this was sweeted just yesterday. this is snowfall on the grand canyon. something you don't see every day. it's thanks to the core upper level system. this is all snowfall across the northern rockies. snow in may? yeah, we have a classic snowstorm in time for mother's day. all right. to the other side of the world, quick update on typhoon noul. this is 195 kilometer winds. it will skim the northeastern section of the island. not a large density population as compared to manila and with the mountainous terrain we have the possibility of landslides
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and flash flooding. very heavy rainfall expected across the northern parts of the philippines. back to you. >> real danger there derrick. we know you'll be tracking it. thank you so much. the baltimore cops accused in the death of freddie gray turn their attention to marilyn moseby in an effort to get her removed from the case. that story next.
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welcome back. in the city of new york the highly publicized murder trial of a man that confessed to kidnapping and killing a 16-year-old boy in the late 70s is declared a mistrial. he admitted to police he lured etan patz into a basement and killed him in 1979. his defense claims he made up the story due to mental ill rne. on friday the jury reported for the third time it could not reach a verdict. >> i don't understand why the jury couldn't come to a verdict, but i'm convinced. i heard the evidence just as they did and i'm convinced. >> patz's disappearance sparked
1:54 am
a nationwide movement to find missing children. he was the first missing child to have his face publicized on the side of a milk carton. six baltimore police officers are fighting back against the state prosecutor charging them with multiple crimes. attorneys for the officers charged in the death of freddie gray filed a motion against state's attorney marilyn mosby. they site numerous reasons why she should recuse herself from the case. this comes as the department of justice launches an investigation into the practices of the baltimore police department. sarah has this story. >> reporter: the probe announced by the justice department will look into baltimore police departments practices and procedures. >> this investigation will begin immediately and will focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers use excessive force including deadly force, conduct unlawful
1:55 am
searches, seizures and arrests and engage in discriminatory policing. >> caller: this just weeks after the controversial arrest and death of 25-year-old freddie gray sparked huge protests and days of riots. attory general said it severed the trust between the community and police. the six officers involved are facing criminal charges brought by the state. but baltimore's mayor wanted more to be done and asked for this investigation. >> such an investigation is essential if we're going to build on the foundation of reforms we instituted over the past few years. >> reporter: the fraternal order of police is fighting back. the city saying it wants the mayor to be part of the probe. she is the leader of all city agencies including the baltimore police department and we believe her leadership of and involvement in the police department also deserves evaluation. loretta lynch and her team will be looking to see if baltimore police engaged in a pattern of civil rights violations. >> if unconstitutional policies
1:56 am
or practices are found we will seek a court enforcement agreement to address those issues. >> which means the justice department can change the police departments policies and procedures. the investigation similar to the one conducted in ferguson after the death of michael brown. >> now you've got the department of justice looking at the police department and you've got these attorneys for the six officers charged saying that the state's attorney could recuse herself from the case saying there's many conflicts of interest she has including with her husband being a council member of the same area where freddie gray was killed among many others saying there's political gain on her part for charging this case but certainly the doj investigation is going to take quite sometime and we will have to wait to see how this all plays out. cnn, baltimore. thank you for joining us this hour. more news continues here on cnn after the break.
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a show of military might in moscow. 70 years after nazi is germany was defeated. north korea tests a ballistic missile under water. we'll be live in seoul. and a doctor in the united states who thought he was cleared of ebola relapses. from the cnn headquarters in atlanta, i'm george howell. this is "cnn newsroom." welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we start this hour in moscow which has just finished hosting a huge military parade celebrating russia's


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